Matt Campana Music


Matt Campana - Headshot 2013

Matt is a composer from Philadelphia. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Recording Technology from Drexel University he has written orchestral and electronic arrangements for artists like Grammy-Nominated BT, Guiness Book of World Record holding Tommy Tallarico, and Acclaimed Call of Duty Black Ops composer Jack Wall. Matt has also created compositions for Grant Curtis (Exec. Producer Spider Man Trilogy), and David Cunningham (Art of War). Matt studied under Jim Klein (who holds multiple Emmy awards) in a composer apprenticeship / mentorship program. Matt has worked on 15+ Mobile platform games with sales over 1 Million units on the titles he has worked on

Matt is a dedicated entrepreneur who also has success in the business world, as well as all things creative.  He has held positions as a Business Analyst in Fortune 100 level corperations, Mid-market businesses, and small design firms of all shapes and sizes.  He also founded a coffee company ( with his good friend and business mentor Ron Connolly, a VP in the Pharma space) and enjoys home brewing in his spare time. He holds Microsoft Certifications for his technical and computer networking skills, making him an extremely valuable asset to any project on which he is serving.

Matthew’s training, dedication to craft, and unique scoring experiences give him a very unique take on each project that comes his way. Please contact Matt at to engage him on your current project.